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Long-Term Care Facility Advisory Subcommittee


The Subcommittee shall develop for and recommend to the Board a separate set of rules and guidelines for long-term care that recognizes that nursing homes are a different business line and service model from other regulated facilities.

The Subcommittee shall develop an open and transparent process that considers the following: how skilled nursing fits in the continuum of care with other care providers, modernization of nursing homes, establishment of more private rooms, development of alternative services, and current trends in long-term care services.

The Subcommittee shall also provide continuous review and commentary on policies and procedures relative to long-term care and the review of related projects.

In consultation with other experts from the health field of long-term care, the Subcommittee shall also study new approaches to the current bed need formula and health service area boundaries to encourage flexibility and innovation in design models reflective of the changing long-term care marketplace and consumer preferences.

The Subcommittee will be provided with a reasonable and timely opportunity to review and comment on any review, revision, or updating of the criteria, standards, procedures, and rules used to evaluate long-term care facility applications under the Act.

The Subcommittee shall consider and make recommendations to the Board regarding whether the Board’s categories of service that are subject to review should be re-evaluated, including provisions related to structural, functional, and operational differences between long-term care facilities and acute care facilities and that allow routine changes of ownership, facility sales, and closure requests to be processed on a more timely basis.

At a Health Facilities and Services Review Board meeting, an Officer of the Subcommittee shall provide a quarterly, status report regarding the progress of the Subcommittee.


The Chairman of the Health Facilities and Services Review Board appoints the voting members of the Long-Term Care Facility Advisory Subcommittee (“Subcommittee”).

Voting members shall serve three year terms and continue to serve until a replacement is appointed.

Absent Subcommittee members may be represented by an authorized proxy with the approval of the Subcommittee Chair.

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